ETH Locket at 750 Euros
oktober 23, 2018

4th Pillar crowdsale offers one of the best exchange rates on the market. We locked the price of one Ether to…

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Only 8 days left
oktober 22, 2018

8 more days of CROWDSALE! What are you waiting for, it’s now or never. Get your FOUR tokens –

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Market research
oktober 17, 2018

We have done an extensive market research and worked with large companies. Our product is the answer to real needs on…

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Crowdsale is finally here!
oktober 15, 2018

Crowdsale is finally here! This is the final stage in our ICO, and your last chance to contribute. FOUR tokens are…

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oktober 8, 2018

We have made some fantastic partnerships during our ICO. Microsoft, Emmares, Work Service, and many others. Take a look and see…

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oktober 3, 2018

FOURdx consists of five high-end technology components: onboarding, DLT, central platform, repository, and self-sovereign identity. Together they form what is our…

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Whitepaper 3.0
oktober 2, 2018

As the project progresses, so does our development, and the project description. We present to you the new and improved 4th…

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15 days to go
oktober 1, 2018

October is here! This is the month of the 4th Pillar Crowdsale. Only 15 days to go and get your FOUR…

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