The 4th Pillar – changing the way HR industry works today

We have created a blockchain-based future platform that will serve and change human resources industry forever, and at the same time have a positive effect on the environment!

Working BETA 2. April 2018

FOUR Token Early contribution phase is open. Pre-sale is coming soon!

The 4th Pillar Countdown

€ 2.000.000



ICO Listing (90+)

The 4th Pillar – blockchain based human resources platform

»We aim long-term, changing the way human resources works today!«

The 4th Pillar, empower individuals to build a verified professional history identity, their personal decentralized savings crypto fund and at the same time, organizations can send multiple cross border payments, work-related documentation, recruit based on verified data and help reducing carbon&ecological footprint with document digitization. The FOUR token serves as main value, connects and fuels the 4th Pillar ecosystem.

Early adopters and partners



Lack of financial security due to centralized banking, no decentralized savings option and extremely expensive cross border payments

4th Pillar solution

Financial security and decentralized savings, multiple instant cross-border payments with lower cost.


No mainstream blockchain service for B-to-C work  related document storage, distribution and control.

4th Pillar solution

Environmentally friendly P2P document distribution.


No online recruitment platform based on verified data.

4th Pillar solution

Digital employee professional identity database with automated evaluation system.

DISRUPTION – /disˈrəpSH(ə)n/

“Disruption refers to the act of forcing the existing competition on the market with a new method of delivering a service injecting greater efficiency creating widespread panic and results in disorderly market conditions. “

We will offer an ecological way to distribute documentation between organizations and individuals.

We will change the way sensitive work-related documents are submited and stored.

We will change the way how pension funds work today.

We will drastically reduce today’s high costs of cross-border payments.

We will change the way people create, store and promote their professional identity.

We will disrupt control over individual digital assets and empower people:

  • to build a verified professional history identity
  • to own and take control over their work-related documentation
  • to build their personal decentralized crypto fund

We will disrupt the power of the intermediaries and enable organizations:  

  • to send multiple cross-border payments with lower costs and in less time
  • to send work-related documentation, securely, confidentially, with lower costs and at the same time reducing the carbon&ecological footprint
  • to reward employees for their achievements and build their personal savings pension funds

We will disrupt the way how recruitment is managed for last 70 years by:

  • disrupting the obsolete CV form
  • recruiting based on verified work data (not rely only on references and WOM)
  • accessing a huge database of individual evaluations to find the suitable workforce.

€ 450 B

HR industry value


Active employees in EU only

4th Pillar potential users

38 %

Companies are thinking about moving to digital HR


Globaly currently employed people


FOUR token will be here to permanently serve you as 100% utility token. FOUR token provides access to professional identity verification-related services and serves as main value and gas in a decentralized, token-based ecosystem. FOUR token also represents a unit on the network. The bigger the network grows the more utility in the token. Designed and embedded in the blockchain infrastructure, it can serve as a very important part and valuable addition. As the adoption of the 4th Pillar network and FOUR token transaction volumes within grows, this creates and drives further demand for the FOUR tokens. FOUR token will be used on the 4th Pillar platform:


The platform will use Ethereum blockchain and token teleportation service (TTS) with combination of 4th Pillar scalable cloud servers. 4th Pillar complete token economy will use FOUR token as its main value and gas.

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To use the 4th Pillar platform FOUR token is needed, to fuel the transactions, to access the database and to send digital value. The gas fees in FOUR tokens for using 4th Pillar blockchain will be minimal.

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Platform will enable individuals to receive FOUR tokens for positive incentives and reward first early adopter organizations, where 1 million euro in FOUR tokens will be assigned for this.

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4th Pillar organization will be able to directly sell FOUR tokens to the organizations in EUROs based on daily market price, with that eliminating the complicated FIAT / CRYPTO exchange process.

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4th Pillar organization earns gas fees from FOUR token transactions. The 4th Pillar organization sells FOUR tokens in EUROs to organizations at market price. The 4th Pillar organization sells platform subscriptions in FOUR tokens to recruiters and human resources agencies.

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Tali Rezun

Co-founder, CEO

Entrepreneur for the past 22 years, 7 years CEO in Naton HR, currently finishing his doctorate specializing in online brand development, SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Dusan Lazar

Co-founder, COO

25 years of experience in various business as CEO, CFO and COO, founder of Naton HR.

Roman Dobrina

Co-founder, CFO

General manager in GlaxoSmithKline, 6 years CFO in Naton HR and a part of the management board of Naton HR – Work Service.

Jaka Gornik

Co-founder, CMO

25 years of professional career in marketing, out-of-the-box solutions for many international corporations active in the Adriatic region.

Denis Jazbec


10 years of experience and a computer science degree, highly proficient in PHP, JS, MySQL …

Igor Zorko

IT & Legislation Specialist

Chairman of Slovenian national ICT association, Vice president of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of Slovenian national digital coalition – and representative for digitalization in EU associations (EFAA, Euro chambers …).

Grega Irt

IT Specialist

Experienced solution architect, lecturer and senior Java developer with more than 15 years of experience and a computer science degree, certified Java, ESB and WEB engineer.

Aljaz Jadek


Head of the blockchain legal experts at the Jadek&Pensa law firm, which is an innovative and forward-looking, top-tier law firm.


4th Pillar ICO Advisor

David Drake is Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital, a multi-family office which deals in worldwide funds accessing over several trillion in assets, and maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners.

Alemsah Ozturk

4th Pillar marketing & ICO assessment advisor

Social media influencer with over 327k followers on Twitter, speaker at Golden Drum, New York Festivals, TEDx …


Founder, CEO of NewsBTC and 4th Pillar Crypto Advisor

Jonathan is a professional freelance content writer that is always looking to provide his writing services to leading global companies.

Drazen Kapusta

4th Pillar blockchain & business advisor

Principal of COTRUGLI Business School, the founder of the biggest blockchain conference in the region, Blockchain Adria.

Dejan Turk

4th Pillar business advisor

20 years of experience in executive leadership positions in the quick service restaurant business, advertising, marketing, telecommunications and CEO at A1 Slovenia, Serbia.

Wojciech Mora

4th Pillar HR ambassador

Executive Manager in Europe HR giant WORK SERVICE GROUP.

Csongor Juhász

Managing director at Prohuman and 4th Pillar ambassador

15 years of experience in the Hungarian HR market, one of the founders of Hungary’s first HR agency PROHUMAN.

Sandi Nemet

4th Pillar investment advisor for Western, Central & Eastern Europe

CEO and board member of Alfa Asset Management (Europe) SA,member of Alfa group.


Q2 2017

/4THC/ - THE 4TH PILLAR concept

Q3 2017

Legal, tax & Legislation

Q4 2017

/4THB/ - ICO  & BETA preparation


- users wallets
- multiple token distribution
- FOUR token economy

Q1 2018

/4THB/ - Platform beta PHP Laravel platform DAPP, Chrome ADD-on & Smart contracts

CROWDSALE & TGE coming in April 2018

TGE & Public sale

Q3 2018

FOUR token exchange listings

Q3 2018

/4THP1/ THE 4TH PILLAR platform testing & P2P document distribution
development (Integration of IPFS hypermedia protocol)

Q4 2018

/4THP2/ Start of B-to-B sales (SE Europe), launch of P2P IPFS document distribution module

Q1 2019

/4THP2/ Mobile wallet app launch (ANDROID APP)

Q2 2019

/4THP2/ THE 4TH PILLAR organization financial audit 2018, 4th Pillar database module development

Q3 2019

- mobile wallet app launch (IOS APP)
- white-collar management assessment & research

Q4 2019

/4THP3/ Evaluation database module launch

Q1 2020

/4THP3/ SYNCHRO module development (Database synchronization module development), White-collar management algorithm development

Q2 2020

THE 4TH PILLAR organization financial audit

Q3 2020

/4THP3/ SYNCHRO module launch
/4THP3/ White-collar management BETA

Q1 2021

/4THP3/ White-collar management LAUNCH

Q2 2021

THE 4TH PILLAR organization financial audit 2019

Q3 2021

/4THP4/ Fully functional platform & global integration


ZZI - Strategic & Development partner

ZZI established in 1989 is SW Development Company and Cloud B2B services provider specialized in supply chain, invoicing, and tax and customs services. ZZI developed many national mission critical systems in the region (Customs Information systems, excise duties system, national e-statistical reporting …). ZZI BizBox services for B2B cooperation, EU certified more than 11.000 companies in Slovenia, EU and western Balkans use document exchange and verified eArchiving. The 4th Pillar and ZZI established a strategic partnership combining resources and development towards complete product solution.

WORK SERVICE – HR partner & early adopter

Since 1999, Work service has earned the trust of 3 000 companies that continuously select Work Service S.A. as their long-term HR partner. Work Service supplies and services an average of 50 000 workers daily to our preeminent partners. This solid partnership secures meaningful employment for more than 300,000 people annually. Work Service professionals provide solutions in Poland and 20 countries in Europe: Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Denmark, Island, the Netherlands, Austria and Asia: China.

PROHUMAN – HR partner & early adopter

The largest HR service provider in Hungary introduces itself. Through its innovative solutions, Prohuman works tirelessly for the success of its clients – it has been on the market since 1997 and was established as an independent company in 2004 leading the way in Hungarian HR.

ENLOYD – HR partner & early adopter

Enloyd specializes in recruiting professionals and managers. They provide the best candidates within both permanent recruitment and IT contracting model. Enloyds narrow specialization allows them to reach suitable candidates within a very short timeframe.

NATON HR – HR partner & early adopter

Recently, Naton HR have crossed out of Slovenia, to fulfil the needs of jobseekers and companies in a surrounding area, Croatia (2013) and Serbia (2013), Bulgaria (2014) with plans to expand the business and further offer HR services across Europe (Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Italy) in the coming years. Naton HR head office is located in Ljubljana, while we have our HR consultants working out of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria from their local offices in Zagreb, Belgrade and Sofia. With over 1500 workers, Naton HR is one of the leading HR firms in the region. Naton HR will be one of the first 4th Pillar platform early adopters in SE Europe.

TEHNIKA TEMP&PERM – HR partner & early adopter

In the past 15-years, Tehnika PEMP has successfully recruited and placed over 3000 blue-collared workers and special skills workers. Due to their recruitment - placement offices in Slovenia, Bosnia and Macedonia, they have the access and region knowledge for recruiting experience and reliable workers. Tehnika TEMP&PERM will be one of the first 4th Pillar platform early adopters in SE Europe.


COTRUGLI Business School is an internationally recognized institution, accredited by AMBA, with the reputation of the leading business school in SE Europe. Together with MBA programs (MBA, EMBA, CEMBA) and doctoral program (DBA), COTRUGLI specializes in delivering customized In-House programs and Open Enrolment programs, which cover a variety of business topics. Collaboration with the world’s leading experts and more than 20,000 satisfied clients has contributed greatly to the affirmation of the School as the most progressive business school in the SEE region.BITINS – Partner


We regard legal profession as an important public service. Our mission consists of an effective legal assistance to our clients, a timely resolution of their problems, a courageous finding of honourable paths towards the achievement of their goals, honest correction of their mistakes and a devoted striving after their reasonable goals. With over 50 layers Jadek & Pensa specialises in Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate law, Competition Law, Employment, Tax Law, Litigation and Arbitration,


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