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DLT eDelivery, professional identity & recruitment solution. Working BETA is online!

Project goal is to become independent DLT eDelivery, professional identity & recruitment solution for individuals and organizations, backend DLT eDelivery & recruitment solution for existing HR platforms and first compliant EU choice for eDelivery.

Using smart contracts, IPFS and blockchain technology, several issues are being solved

4th Pillar wallet

Professional identity, individual control, exchange and management of digital assets and sensitive documents (eDelivery).

4th Pillar document exchange

Sensitive EU compliant eDelivery document exchange and delivery protocol.

4th Pillar database

Blockchain personal ledger identity database with automatic non-discriminatory professional identity evaluation.
Infographic Token Flow

4TH Pillar platform technical scheme




Multiple wallet system

Unique multiple wallet system for individuals and organisations provides a possibility of professional identity, individual control, exchange and management of digital assets and sensitive documents (eDelivery).


John, paper producer

John has a paper production company headquartered in Germany. His company has small factories in different countries around the world. Every month John wants to send a reward to his employees. To everyone at the same time. But payments to other countries, especially outside Europe, are expensive and can take a lot of time – Even up to a few days. Then John started using the 4th pillar platform. Instead of standard money transfers he now makes transactions using FOUR token. That saves him more than 80% of transaction cost… within a click of a mouse. And it gets even better. The more transactions he makes the more money he saves. The 4th pillar platform gave John a quick and cost effective solution in the field of financial transfer.


Peer-to-peer sensitive document exchange

Sensitive EU compliant eDelivery document transfer and exchange protocol for individuals and organisations, employees and employers or anybody that must transfer sensitive document across the world in a second.


Alice, assistant accountant

Alice has worked as an assistant accountant for the past 14 years. Her employer uses the 4th Pillar platform and Alice receives all of her pay-slips – and sensitive work documentation to her personal digital wallet. This way only she has control over her work related documentation which is safely stored digitally in one place and at the same time, Alice helps the planet by reducing carbon&ecological footprint. Then – Alice decides to change jobs. By using the 4th pillar mobile app she easily promotes her work and share her professional identity with potential employers. She doesn’t even have to worry about her CV anymore. All of the provided information, was verified by of her past employers. The 4th pillar simplifies the way Alice can search and change jobs.


Digital employee professional identity database with automated evaluation system

The 4th Pillar project is making one of the first steps towards control over your professional digital identity, enabling the first blockchain professional individual identity database.


Ann, the recruiter

Ann is a freelance professional recruiter. Despite her recruitment expertise she often has a problem with selecting the right candidates. CVs are not a trustworthy source of information. By using the 4th pillar platform she starts making decisions based on proven facts and not just recommendations. Her job is much easier since she knows the candidates geolocation, check their evaluation and instantly decides if the person is worth contacting.
Ann can trust the 4th pillar database as it contains only proven facts which makes her work more efficient then ever.

4th Pillar BENEFITS

SPEED: A fast, secure, cross-border reward and savings payment system.

CONTROL: Total control over FOUR funds and wallets.

TRADING: Open trading possibilities.

SAVINGS: Decentralized long-term savings possibilities.

STORAGE: Safe storage and control over work-related documents, such as pay slips and contracts.

EXPOSURE: The possibility to be recruited or headhunted by HR agencies or other future employers due to proven work performance.

SPEED: A fast, secure and equal reward and fourth pillar decentralized savings system for the employees.

COST: Significant cost reduction when it comes to cross-border funds and documentation transfer.

AUTOMATION: Automatically verified, non-discriminatory professional identity evaluation.

PERFORMANCE: The possibility to check the employees performance over the years – a key tool for the Management (the basis for yearly bonus rewards).

RECRUITMENT: Employee recruitment possibilities.

EVALUATION: Access to a huge database of mathematically calculated, verified evaluations – an excellent tool for recruiters to help them find a proper workforce.

GEOLOCATION: The database allows searching for the employees based on their geolocation.

Ecological benefits of The 4th Pillar platform

Forests cover approximately 30% of the planet and the ecosystems they create play an essential role in supporting life on earth. They account for 75% of the gross primary productivity of the Earth’s biosphere and contain 80% of the Earth’s plant biomass. However, deforestation is clearing Earth’s forests on a massive scale.

Companies send documents and pay slips to each employee monthly. If we take for example a company with 950 employees. When sending pay slips, memos and contracts the company would use more than 1.300 envelopes as well as 3.000 sheets of paper strictly for transaction purposes. This translates to 120 trees per year and more than 8.84 tons of CO2 emissions. To better comprehend the scale let us compare this to a company with 10.000 employees. They would need 1.273 trees every year solely for document transfer and employee payments.

The 4th Pillar platform is based on blockchain transactions and digital communication. DAAP (decentralized application) will enable transfer and management of FOUR tokens, working blockchain HR database and peer-to-peer transfer of pay slips and work-related documents. With this technology, we will revolutionize the HR industry not only by implementing a cost-effective digital system but also by thinking green and by reducing the carbon footprint in businesses around the world.



ZZI - Strategic & Development partner

ZZI established in 1989 is SW Development Company and Cloud B2B services provider specialized in supply chain, invoicing, and tax and customs services. ZZI developed many national mission critical systems in the region (Customs Information systems, excise duties system, national e-statistical reporting …). ZZI BizBox services for B2B cooperation, EU certified more than 11.000 companies in Slovenia, EU and western Balkans use document exchange and verified eArchiving. The 4th Pillar and ZZI established a strategic partnership combining resources and development towards complete product solution.

WORK SERVICE – HR partner & early adopter

Since 1999, Work service has earned the trust of 3 000 companies that continuously select Work Service S.A. as their long-term HR partner. Work Service supplies and services an average of 50 000 workers daily to our preeminent partners. This solid partnership secures meaningful employment for more than 300,000 people annually. Work Service professionals provide solutions in Poland and 20 countries in Europe: Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Denmark, Island, the Netherlands, Austria and Asia: China.

PROHUMAN – HR partner & early adopter

The largest HR service provider in Hungary introduces itself. Through its innovative solutions, Prohuman works tirelessly for the success of its clients – it has been on the market since 1997 and was established as an independent company in 2004 leading the way in Hungarian HR.

ENLOYD – HR partner & early adopter

Enloyd specializes in recruiting professionals and managers. They provide the best candidates within both permanent recruitment and IT contracting model. Enloyds narrow specialization allows them to reach suitable candidates within a very short timeframe.

NATON HR – HR partner & early adopter

Recently, Naton HR have crossed out of Slovenia, to fulfil the needs of jobseekers and companies in a surrounding area, Croatia (2013) and Serbia (2013), Bulgaria (2014) with plans to expand the business and further offer HR services across Europe (Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Italy) in the coming years. Naton HR head office is located in Ljubljana, while we have our HR consultants working out of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria from their local offices in Zagreb, Belgrade and Sofia. With over 1500 workers, Naton HR is one of the leading HR firms in the region. Naton HR will be one of the first 4th Pillar platform early adopters in SE Europe.

TEHNIKA TEMP&PERM – HR partner & early adopter

In the past 15-years, Tehnika PEMP has successfully recruited and placed over 3000 blue-collared workers and special skills workers. Due to their recruitment - placement offices in Slovenia, Bosnia and Macedonia, they have the access and region knowledge for recruiting experience and reliable workers. Tehnika TEMP&PERM will be one of the first 4th Pillar platform early adopters in SE Europe.


COTRUGLI Business School is an internationally recognized institution, accredited by AMBA, with the reputation of the leading business school in SE Europe. Together with MBA programs (MBA, EMBA, CEMBA) and doctoral program (DBA), COTRUGLI specializes in delivering customized In-House programs and Open Enrolment programs, which cover a variety of business topics. Collaboration with the world’s leading experts and more than 20,000 satisfied clients has contributed greatly to the affirmation of the School as the most progressive business school in the SEE region.BITINS – Partner


We regard legal profession as an important public service. Our mission consists of an effective legal assistance to our clients, a timely resolution of their problems, a courageous finding of honourable paths towards the achievement of their goals, honest correction of their mistakes and a devoted striving after their reasonable goals. With over 50 layers Jadek & Pensa specialises in Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate law, Competition Law, Employment, Tax Law, Litigation and Arbitration,